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In the early days of online gambling and online casinos in particular, scams were common. Back then, few restrictions were in place and no one really knew what to look for anyway. They wanted to gamble and they were happy to offer their bank details to anyone who could promise them just that. As a result, many gamblers lost money through fraud or theft, and many ended up playing games that were heavily tweaked in the casino’s favour, games that they never stood a chance of beating.

These days, such scams are few and far between. There are many strict regulations in place to stop scammers from taking advantage of unsuspecting gamblers, and it is also very difficult for scam casinos to get noticed and to get the custom in the first place. After all, casinos spend millions of dollars on advertising for a reason.

Still, there are a few things that you need to watch out for, and at this site we take a look at ways that you can guarantee your safety when gambling online, focusing on online casinos and on online pokies in particular.

Spotting a Legitimate Casino

If you want to check to make sure that a particular online casino is legit and fair, that it is following all of the rules and providing the service as advertised, then there are a few things you should look out for:

  • Reviews: If an online casino has existed for any length of time then there should be information on it somewhere online. The trick is to avoid the minefield of affiliate sites, which tend to be biased, and to find legitimate reviews. You can find them on content sites like this one, and you can also find them on review-specific sites and even on forums and social media pages.
  • Auditing: All legitimate online casinos should be audited. These audits are performed by independent companies, and eCogra is one of the biggest of these. The purpose of this audit is to establish that the Return to Player averages and the house edges are as advertised, and that the games have not been tweaked or rigged in anyway. You should be able to click onto the audit report and view these details for yourself.
  • Regulation: All legal online casinos need to be regulated, without exception. Like the auditing information, the regulator will be displayed on the website and you should be able to click onto this to confirm it. Regulators such as the Malta Gaming Authority are often based in countries such as Malta and Cyprus, and the casinos use these to avoid low taxes and to make sure they always stay within the law.
  • Security: A safe and secure online casino should also display information regarding any encryption technology that it uses. This may be displayed as an “SSL Secure” certificate. And like the regulation and auditing information, this will be clickable, and you should be able to see and confirm details of the technology.

Trusted Online Casinos

Royal Vegas Casino passes all of the tests outlined above. This casino is one of the oldest online casinos still active and it is also one of the biggest online casinos here in Australia. There are many reasons behind that, not least of which include the fact that Royal Vegas Casino uses the Microgaming software, which means it is able to offer a long list of high quality pokies, including:

  • Jurassic Park
  • Mega Moolah
  • Winning Wheels
  • Hound Hotel
  • Cash Splash
  • The Gee Gees
  • Terminator 2
  • Hitman
  • High Society
  • Jack in the Box
  • Hellboy

You can read more about online pokies and how to play them for real money in this article.

Royal Vegas Casino also has a number of high quality table games:

Royal Vegas Casino Benefits

You can get money into and out of your Royal Vegas Casino account using a number of methods. These include popular options such as PayPal and POLi, the latter of which was added purely to cater for the significant number of Aussies that have signed up to the site. You can also use a number of credit cards, debit cards and web wallets, many of which can also be used to withdraw your winnings.

Royal Vegas Casino also has a number of bonuses, including a matched deposit bonus that pays as much as $1,200 and has a very low play-through rate, a free spins bonus that lets you test up to 120 of the Royal Vegas Casino pokies, keeping all of your winnings, and one of the best loyalty schemes you will come across in this industry. The Royal Vegas Casino loyalty scheme is actually one of the best things about this casino, and regardless of how much you gamble or how frequently you gamble, this loyalty scheme should have something to offer you.

Get Started

Up above we link you to Royal Vegas’ site for a free bonus and legitimate casino playing for real money. It is our top recommended casino for most casino games but make sure to check out other articles of specific interest, as we list other casinos as well. At this site you will also find updates on casino news, tips, device  compatibility and general interest articles that we believe provide value to your overall gambling experience.

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