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Fortune Temple Slot – Review

Dangerous animals and extravagant flowers are not the only things that is in the seemingly impenetrable South American jungle. Many treasures from the Aztec civilization have been left behind.

Fortune Temple is a video slot game developed by Gamesys. This is a game that gives the players a map pointing to the very well-known Eldorado city. For those who are not familiar, Eldorado is a city that contains buildings that are made up of solid gold. Make sure you play the game wisely so that way you can get a chance at bringing some of the gold to your home. Also, make sure you have a lot of fun and enjoy this thrilling slot game.


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If you want to find out more about Fortune Temple then make sure you keep reading this article about it.


All of the Gold- Fortune Temple is a slot that gives a glimpse of what the well-known Eldorado could possibly look like if you manage to come across the city. The reels take up most of the game screen and they are framed in a pure gold case that is decorated with geometrical patterns. On top of the screen, there are two ominous eyes that look as if they are constantly watching your every single move.

The aesthetics in this game are very simple, but however they still manage to make the game exciting for the players. There are not any background details in comparison to other slot games, but there is enough to keep you entertained and make you want to bet. The next section will be about how to get the game started.


The Rules- Once you have access to the Fortune Temple, take a good look at the game screen and check out the different game commands offered. There is a classic pattern in this game, so if you are an experienced slot player then you should definitely feel comfortable playing this.

There are five spinning reels with three symbol positons on each of them. Also, there is a total amount of 25 paylines in this game. In order to receive cash prizes, you have to make sure that winning combinations of symbols land on the activated paylines. To make adjustments to your wager, you have to use the “+” and “-“buttons located in the lower command bar. The next step is to choose the number of paylines you want to place the bets on. Like with a lot of other online slots, the riskier the bet is the bigger the wins can be in the long run.


In order to validate your settings and make the reels spin, you have to click the green spin button. If you are feeling lucky then you should try the bet max option. The bet max will place the highest bets it possibly can on all of the paylines and will launch the reels at the same time. Guess what? Through this route, you will not have to do anything else except hope that luck will be on your side.


The Reel Symbols- This is a game that has no less than 11 basic symbols and in comparison to a lot of other modern slots this is a lot.

The traditional card icons from 10 to Ace are the first group of symbols. Since these symbols are common, it is best to use them to score the modest wins.

If you want to go for higher wins, then you should definitely look out for the elusive mask, dog, priest, lizard, bird, and vase symbols. Landing five masks and lizard icons will get you 1,000x your bet. Pay attention and make sure you do not let any of these high valuable symbols go out of your sight.


The Features- In total, there are four special symbols in this game. The first one is a temple icon that can act as a wild. It has the ability to replace any basic symbol.

The scatter token pays out in any position and gives out cash prizes up 100x your wager value.

The red eye is another special symbol featured in this game. If you land three of them anywhere, you will win a random multiplier that can turn the modest rewards into huge wins.

Landing three green-eye scatters will trigger another mini-game. In this mini-game, you will be facing 6 doors that are closed. You have to open them up one by one to reveal prizes and avoid the skull. If you do not avoid the skull then your experience will end.

Thoughts about the Game- Fortune Temple is a slot game that has decent graphics and exciting gameplay. Not only does it decent graphics and exciting gameplay, but it has a nice selection of bonuses because of the scatter symbols which makes them easy to get started up.

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