Below we list safe, reputable and legal betting sites for 2018. In 2017, the Australian government outlawed casino sites that haven’t obtained local licenses. Despite casino operators aiming to obtain local authorization, the process has been slow and therefore mainstream betting platforms are the only legally authorized forms of gambling offering real money options in 2018.

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G’day and welcome to my site Legitimate Casino Australia. My name is Zachary Simmons and I am a long-time Aussie gambler who has been in the industry for over a decade. I have watched the casino industry rise from the days of land-based entertainment to the online world, and have always felt there have been a number of issues arising from this context. Due to this trend I feel that it is my duty to report and write about what I have seen, while making recommendations as to how to spot legitimate casino sites on the web. While doing so I also feel it is necessary to share how to play casino games online for real money in order to spread the love, interest and passion I have for making money in a safe and friendly environment online.

I have put together all sorts of articles relating to this and felt it was necessary to call the site Legitimate Casino in order to reflect the best ways to spot the legitimacy of an online casino. I also write a number of articles based on commonly asked questions by people on the web in order to steer them in the right direction as well as clear up any ongoing confusion there may be in the industry.


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