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Blackjack Basics – What You Need to Know

Today, BlackJack is a game that can be found at most casinos. Also a lot of people like to play it at home. Usually when it is played at home, the rules for the game are slightly different.



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At land-based casinos, the house is the dealer. In other words the house is basically a permanent bank. Dealers at the casino are standing and the players are seated. The dealer is in charge of all aspects of the game. Players are usually able to be the dealer if the game is not being played at a casino.


There is a standard deck of 52 cards that is used. Most of the time when the game is being played at a casino, several decks of cards are shuffled at the same time. The six deck is the most popular. Usually the person who is the dealer use a plastic card that is blank. This card is never dealt with. Most of the time it gets placed at the bottom of the time. The reason it is placed at the bottom is to make it known when the cards have to be shuffled again. When there are four or more decks being used, they are dealt from a special box. The special box allows dealers to remove the cards one at a time, facedown, and without holding at least one or more pack.


The object of blackjack is to beat the dealer through getting a count that is as close to 21 as possible. Players cannot go over 21.

Each individual player determines the value of an ace. They have to decide to either make the value 1 or 11. The value of a face card is 10. All of the other cards have their value at its pip one.


Each individual player places a bet before the deal starts. The bets are placed in chips in front of the dealer in an area that is designated. There are minimum and maximum bet limits placed. Usually the limits range from $2 to $500.


Dealers shuffle proportions of the deck until each card has been mixed and combined. After the shuffling is complete, the dealer assigns a player to cut. Then the plastic card is put in place so that the last 60-75 cards will not be mistakenly used. It is always best to deal at the bottom of the cards to make it easier for the card counters to operate more efficiently.


The next step is the deal. Dealers give a card face up to all of the individual players in a clockwise rotation. Then they give themselves a card face up. After another round of cards is dealt with, the dealer takes their second card face down. Each player outside of the dealer are given two cards faced up. Then the dealer gets a card faced up and another one faced down.


A player gets a blackjack (also known as a natural) when he or she receives two cards that are an ace and a ten card. In other words a picture card or a 10. This gives them the count of 21 because of the two cards. If there is a case in which a player has a natural and the dealer doesn’t, then the dealer has to pay one and a half times the value of the initial bet. For cases when the dealer does have a natural, they have to collect all of the bets from all of the players who do not have naturals. If a player and a dealer both have naturals, the bet the player made is a tie. When this occurs, the player is given their chips back.


If there is a situation in which the dealer’s face up card is not a ten or an ace, they cannot look at the face down card until it is time for the dealer to play.


Whichever player is on the left, goes first. They must make the decision to not ask for another card or to ask for another one to get closer to 21. Sometimes they can even ask to reach 21 exactly.


Another important part in knowing how to play blackjack is knowing the signals. When a player’s turn comes up, they can either say hit or wave their hand in same the way as a “come here signal”. When a player wants to stand, they can either say “stand” or “no more”. Another signal a player can make when they want to stand is to move their hand sideways with the palm being down, and above the table.


It is crucial to know that bets, once they are paid and collected are never returned. If a scenario occurs is when the dealer has over 21, they pay all of the players ho has stood the number of the bet made by the player. Scenarios in which the dealer has 21 or less, they have to pay the bet of any player who has the higher total. However, it can’t exceed 21. When a player has the same total as the dealer, no chip is collected or paid out.

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