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Basics of Craps – How To Play Craps

Craps is one of the most popular table games at casinos. The house has a 1.41% edge in this game. This edge is three times better than roulette, and a whole lot better than slot machines. In other words, on an average basis you can get back 99 cents. The only way to get to these odds is to make the best bets.

This is a game that is known to be more live than other games at casinos. The reason is because a lot of times when playing this game, players like to yell and scream when they win. Also, it is the players who determine whether or not they win. It’s the players who roll the dice. In other table games, a person who is not a player is dealing the cards or spinning the marble. The fact that players determine their own fate is a huge reason as to why this game is much loved all around the world.


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Players can make a lot of different bets in craps. It will take a small book for all of the bets to be covered. However, players only have to focus on a few easy bets.

In this game, all individual players take turns rolling the dice. Come-Out Roll is what the first roll of a round is called. There can either be just one roll or a lot of different rolls. This depends on what is rolled and when it is rolled. If you have any confusion about a roll, you can wait for the next Come-Out Roll and it will start again. When this type of roll is getting ready to occur, the dealer turns off their puck. Then they will say “coming out”. After this occurs, the next round starts.

The Pass Line is the basic bet. This bet pays even money. For instance, if you bet $7, you will win $7. This bet is made by waiting for the Come-Out Roll and then having the chip on the Pass Line Mark. After each of the bets are made, the shooter rolls the Come-Out Roll. If the total roll comes out to be 7 or 11, you win. You lose if it is 2, 3, or 12. Bonus round occurs when it is any other number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10).

The Point is what leads to the bonus round. It is the number that forms the bonus round. There is a marker placed on that number. Even though seven makes you win on the Come-Out Roll, but in the bonus round it is different. It actually makes you lose. In order to win the bonus round, the point would have to be rolled again. If there is any other number that comes up, the shooter just continues to roll. Basically it gets ignored.

A sevening out occurs when a seven appears before the point. When a shooter has a seven out, the dice gets passed on to whoever is next.

After a point has been made, totals that are not 7 are called numbers. When a player is throwing numbers, and are making a lot of throws without getting a 7, this is called Odds Bets. In other words they are taking the odds. The house has a zero edge when odd bets occur. Odd Bets can only occur after a Pass Line Bet is placed. Odds Bets allows the house’s edge to be diluted for the Pass Line Bet. Note that if you win the Pass Line Bet, you also win the Odds Bet. If you lose the Pass Line Bet, then you also lose the Odds Bet.

Since the Odds Bet decreases the House Edge, it is best to make the bet as large as possible. Be aware that casinos put limitations on bets. Single odds game allows Odds Bets to be the same amount as the Pass Line one. For a double odds game, the double bets can be double the amount as the Pass Line one. If the point is an 8 or 6, it can be 2.5 times higher as the Pass Line one. Casinos offer a different amount of odds. Note that the higher the odds, the smaller the house edge is. Every crap game has at least one single odd. It is the casino’s decision to determine how many odds there are. In most cases, the lower the minimum Pass Line Bet is, the lower the odds will be offered.

When playing this game, it is important to understand that betting the odds does not necessarily mean that your chances of winning are higher. Even though the odds are not against you, they are also not with you. It is important to receive odds so that you can put less money down during the Pass Line Bet.

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