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What Is It like Being a Blackjack Dealer?

Ever wondered what it was like being a casino dealer? It comes along with having good pay and generous tips because they are dealing with the house edge. However, there are other important factors that come along with being a dealer.

The Best Things about Being a Dealer- If you are the type of person that likes to communicate with others a lot, then you will love this aspect of the job. Another important aspect of being a dealer is that like already mentioned, is that it pays well. It is a great job for a young person to have as long as they save some of the money they make from it.


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The Worst Things about Being a Dealer- If you are a person who does not have a friendly personality, then this is not the job for you. When being a dealer, sometimes you have to deal with drunk people. Sometimes the behavior of a drunk person can be very annoying. Also sometimes they can take a while to make a decision.


If you are a person that does not like being around a person when they are smoking, then this is not the right job for you. There are some people who enter casinos that do like to smoke cigarettes during their casino session. Players smoking and drinking are things that dealers have to deal with. Sometimes dealers have to deal with people who can be sore losers. There are some players who like to blame the dealer for losing their money. It is even worse when a dealer really does make a mistake.


Also it is important realize that some players like to flirt with dealers. This aspect can be pretty annoying for some dealers.



Another thing that annoys some dealers are the complainers they have to deal with. Some players like to complain about everything when things are not going well for them.


Dealers Must Have Strong Confidence- This is a job position that strongly requires a strong type of mind set. Anyone who has this job position cannot be weak-minded. Dealers have to be prepared to deal with anything. They also must be willing to deal with a lot of different personalities. Like already mentioned in this article, there are some players who will constantly complain. When they complain, sometimes they will curse the dealer out and call them any kind of names. A dealer’s mind must be able to not give in on some of the comments he or she might have thrown towards them.


How Much Training Does a Dealer Have to Go Through Before They Start Their Job? – Sometimes the training can only be a few weeks. Then sometimes it can take a couple of months. It really depends on how quickly the skills are learned. During the training, the prospective dealer learns how to move the cards, chips, and dice. When a person goes through the training, they have to make sure that they completely understand all of the require skills needed.


There is a lot Blackjack dealers have to deal with on an everyday basis. It is definitely not an easy job to have. It might look fun, but however, there is a lot of different factors that comes with the territory with this type of job position. This type of job position can be entertaining and fun, but however it is faced with a lot of challenges. Knowing how to work with different personalities is one of the key ways in having a lot of success with this job position.


Not only do the dealers have to have a great understanding of the game, but they also have to be a good representation for the casino they are working for. They cannot get upset easily and they have to treat everyone with respect no matter what. Also, they have to deal with the fact that a lot of players like to watch every single move they make during the gaming session. Players love to find ways to tell whether or not a dealer is cheating during the game session.


Blackjack dealers are very important to casinos and the industry itself. Blackjack is one of the most important casino games in the world. Also, Blackjack dealers have to be presentable at the Blackjack tables at the land-based casinos. They have to be presentable in order to people to play the game. Dealers for the game are kind of basically the seller of it. If they do not come off as presentable then chances the players are not going to want to play the game. Even though this a position that is full of challenges, as long as the dealer can overcome them they will be okay.

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