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Chocolate Slot Review – Interesting Slot from Arrow Edge

Are you ready for a chocolate explosion? If your answer to this question is yes, then you should play the new online slot from Arrow’s Edge, called Chocolate. Through playing this slot, you will be able to indulge in some novelty spins while winning prizes that are worth up to 10,000 credits. This game has five reels and 243 different ways to win. This helps make it easy to come across some frequent prizes. If you decide to play this slot, then you should just nibble from the chocolate rather than stuffing it down your face.



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If you would like to gorge on some nice chocolate wins, then you should wait for the bonus game elements. The bonus gameplay has free spins, sticky wilds, and a wild icon. Also, there are two progressive jackpot prizes that continues to increase until someone wins it.


The Spins- Chocolate is one of the best things in the world that exist. Regardless of what type of chocolate you prefer, it is an item that is loved all across the globe. Just the smell of chocolate can release the theta brain waves, and it is good for relaxation and meditation. Even though eating too much chocolate can cause health problems, many believe that eating dark chocolate in a moderate way everyday can reduce the risk of heart issues.


What other reason is there needed to indulge in some chocolate themed spins in this slot? All five of the reels are full of good things, ranging from the chocolate covered card icons (9 to A) to chocolate sweets, crumbly chocolate cookies, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cakes, and classic chocolate bars. This slot will make you hungry for some chocolate.


The design of the game is very bold and bubbly. If you have played Candy Crush, then you will definitely see elements from that game incorporated into this one.


The 243 Different Ways to Win- As already mentioned, there are 243 ways to win. In other words, players of this game have to find at least three matching that are adjacent to each other in order to receive a prize. However, these wins are not going to get you that excited. The biggest prize you can receive through these symbols is just 1,000x the coin bet and it is awarded whenever there are five white chocolate bars on the reels. After this, the prizes go down drastically to 250x for five chocolate ice cream sundaes and 200x for five chocolate cakes. In the online slot machine market, these are barely the best prizes offered.


Since there are not any paylines that are defined, the bets are calculated through multiplying the coin bet value by 25x. When you make a decision on your bet total of anywhere between 0.25 and 250 credits, you have to divide that amount by 25 to determine the size of the coin that will get multiplied by prize values that are in the paytable.


The Bonus Features- You will definitely not get bored while playing any of the features offered in the Chocolate slot. Also, you will have help in receiving more opportunities to win prizes. The wild chocolate bar moves left across the reels to trigger a series of free re-spins which can potentially form winning combinations. This wild feature continues on until the chocolate bar is completely off the screen.


It is important to be on the lookout for three scattered icons anywhere on the reels. The reason is because it will trigger free games in which the molten chocolate feature has the ability to give out 3 addition re-spins that contain sticky wilds. These sticky wilds go wherever the chocolate lava erupts on the screen.

As already mentioned, there are two special progressive jackpots featured in this game, even though the game does not tell how to win them.


Final Thoughts About the Chocolate Slot- The Chocolate slot is definitely full of chocolate. Slot players that are chocolate lovers would definitely love playing this game. Not only is this slot game full of chocolate, but it also has some good features. Those good features include the sticky wilds, free spins, and walking wilds. Unfortunately there are not large prizes offered in this slot game. Even with this being the case, slot players can still gain frequent prizes because of the low variance gameplay. Outside of there not being any big payouts of this slot, there is not anything else bad about this slot. If you are not interested in playing slots that do not offer huge prizes, then this one is definitely not the one for you. However, if you are just looking for an entertaining slot to play then this one will definitely be perfect for you. Enjoy all of the chocolate, but do not enjoy them too much.

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