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Duck of Luck – Slot with Asian Flare

Due to the slot game being named Duck of Luck, one might assume that this slot is based on a myth or a tale. Others might assume that it is based on divination. Some might even think that it is based on the classic Duck Hunt game.

With many having these assumptions about it, they could not be more right. Duck of Luck is a slot that has an Asian based theme. Basically a Golden Duck serves as the Duck of Luck. This is a slot game that contains a distinct Asian flare that definitely has potential to be a standout from other online slot games.


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Since this is a slot that is full of myth and gold, one question a person would have to ask themselves is do they think they will be able to capture this unique animal and control Duck of Luck. If you believe that you will be able to accomplish this, then this is a slot worth trying out.


The Style of Duck of Luck- This slot has five reels, and in today’s world this is standard. The user buttons are not hard to find, and they are located in an area in which you will expect them to be if you are an experienced slot player. As you are getting this slot started up, you will not know where the start button is at, but then all of a sudden the reels will start spinning. The randomness that goes on makes the game more fun to play. On the side of the reels, you will see two columns of light that are glowing in order to show you the paylines in effect. Also you will notice that the duck loves music, and it contains a competent soundtrack.


The music featured in this game is enchanting and soothing which is like this for a reason. The reason is because this allows slot players to become very immersed in this gaming experience. The visuals in this slot are great and the colors are bright. However, they are not bright enough to hurt your eyes. You do have the option to make it a full screen. Making it full screen will make it feel as if your lap top is a full size slot. Also, you can turn the sound off. However, it is recommended that you do not because the sound plays a role in the experience of playing it. Another good asset to this slot is that it is easy to make adjustments to your bet values.


Winning Prizes- Since this slot has 25 paylines, this means that there is a good amount of combinations in this game that can give you wins. In one spin, you can win more than one time. Basically the amount you win will be kind of crazy in certain type of circumstances.


There is a special symbol that will allow you to play for free if you align enough of them. During the free game, more free games can be won. As the free games are occurring, you can continue to play to for more free games. Remember, the Golden Duck is the wild symbol. This symbol can replace any other symbol in this game. Through this, you will be able to have more chances at landing winning combinations. With all of these combined elements, it is easy to understand why this slot is a slot among slot players.


The Big Prize- The large prize offered is worth 10,000 coins. However, even more than that can be won through having other combinations tagged along. The prize can be doubled, tripled, and more through the multipliers offered.


When you pick the “Double Up” option, you will be entering a side game. In this side game, you have to guess the color of a card. If you make the correct guess, your prize will be doubled. However, if you make the wrong guess then your initial prize will be gone. You also have the option to choose the suit of the card and the number. This option is harder, but it offers a larger prize.


Overall Thoughts About Duck of Luck- Duck of Luck is definitely a slot that is worth trying out. It offers a lot of ways to win. If you are interested in playing a slot that is different, then this one is perfect for you. It is not a slot that can be considered as the greatest ever, but it has enough key elements in it to keep slot players entertained throughout an entire gaming session. Also, this slot has a bit of freshness to it. Duck of Luck is a slot game that can appeal to many slot players. Who knows, you might have luck on your side as you are playing this slot.

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