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How to Play Faro, The French Casino Game

Faro is a game that originated in France during the 17th century. During this time, the game was known as pharaoh. In the 18th century, it became very fashionable in Europe. After the year of 1820, Pharaoh, Faro disappeared from Western Europe. However, it became popular in America during the Gold Rush. Now it is rarely played. In the year of 1931, it became a casino game when gambling became legalized in Nevada. However, it became an afterthought in the 1950s. The last Faro bank closed in the year of 1975 in Ely, Nevada.



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Equipment Needed for the Game- A table covered with green baize is needed. Something else needed for this game is a dealing box. One card needs to be able to be slid at a time without the showing the ones underneath. The third thing that is needed is a case keeper. It is a frame that is like an abacus. The frame is used to show which cards have already been played. A standard of 52 cards is also needed for the game. Betting chips is needed. It is recommended to use 50 of the lowest unit and 25 of a higher unit. Players should also get 25 of the highest. Faro coppers are needed for this game. They can either be round or hexagonal chis (red or black). These are used for making a bet denomination to lose. Last but certainly not least, bet markers are needed. They can be small flat oblongs of ivory or plastic. These are used to make bets over the limit of the bettor’s funds.


Rules of the Game- It is recommended that ten players are used for this game. However, any number of players can play this game. The dealer for this game are house officials. Dealers are the ones who supervises bets, and they are a case-keeper official.


Rule #1- The dealer is the banker and the stake can be limited at their discretion.

Rule #2- Chips are purchased from the banker. This has to be done for bets to be made. At one time the chips were made from ivory or bone. Now in this day and age, they are usually made of plastic. Colors or numerals stamped on them determines the value.

Rule #3- The limits set by the banker on bet sizes are of two types which is a plan or a running limit.

Rule #4- The plain limit is the largest amount that is on card for an initial bet.

Rule #5- The running limit is the plain limit times 4.

Rule #6- Allowing a bet to continue on is called a parleeing a bet.

Rule #7- The banker has a board that is around one meter long and a half one meter wide.

Rule #8- Once a player decided which cards they want to bet on, the player lays down their chip on the cards selected.

Rule #9- When all of the bets are placed, the dealer cuts the pack and shuffles the cards. Then they place the cards face up beside their board to their right.

Rule #10- Soda is the name of the first top card.

Rule #11- The loser cards are the ones that win for the banker.

Rule #12- Winning cards are the ones that are winners for the players.

Rule #13- A pair of cards is called a turn.

Rule #14- A player can bet that a card will be a loser by putting a copper on top of their stake.

Rule #15- A split is when winning and losing cards in a turn is the same.

Rule #16- Bets are settled at the end of each turn.

Rule #17- Once a pack is exhausted, a fresh deal is formed and playing continues.

Rule #18- A player can avoiding risking their stake on any turn by telling the dealer, “I bar this bet for a turn”.

Rule #19- A player can reduce their stake by half if they tell the dealer “One-half of this bet goes.” If the order is revoked, it will not remain in force until the end of the deal.

Rule #20- Players can call the last turn when there is only one turn left inside the pack. The last three cards will appear. Then the player guess the order in how those three cards will appear. If the three cards are not the same and the player is able to guess correctly, they win four times their stake. If two cards are the same, then they win twice their stake.


Even though this game might not be popular in today’s age, there are still some people who enjoy it. Just because something is not necessarily the in thing, does not mean that absolutely no one will enjoy it.

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