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Why Do Some People Possibly Enjoy Fixing Games?

Gambling is a popular activity around the world, and it is one that can be complicated depending on the aspect. One of the main complicated aspects is its fixing controversy. There have been cases like the Black Sox Scandal and Paul Hornung and Alex Karras. Some people even think that fixing still goes on today, even though there has not been any evidence of this occurring in recent years.



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Lets just say if fixing is still real today…one would have to question why would a person pay someone to purposely lose a game or have a referee purposely make a lot of bad calls against a team. Some people think that this last NBA finals was rigged. The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors faced each other in the finals. Cavaliers ended up winning the series. There were some people who found it suspicious that Golden State Warriors player, Draymond Green received a suspension for game 5 of the finals. Many believe that if he had not been suspended for game 5, the Warriors would have won and received the championship trophy.


Many people made bets on the NBA Finals. The Golden State Warriors were a heavy favorite at casinos throughout the United States. During the regular season, they made history by winning the most games ever in a season in NBA history. Their regular season record was 73-9.


Since the Warriors lost the series, many people who betted lost a lot of money. Whoever betted for the Cavaliers to win the finals at casinos were able to win a lot of money. Some people think that it was rigged for the Cavaliers to win because the storyline would be better. They are first the first Cleveland pro sports team to win a championship in over 50 years.


Throughout history of gambling fixing scandals, bettors who have participated in fixes did not want someone to win against them. More and more people have been gaining an interest in sports betting. Sports betting has been becoming a huge part of the gambling industry all around the world.


A lot of people wonder if those who do like to participate in some type of get some type of kick out of it. Some would say yes because they would do anything to make sure they win their bet.


The controversy over a lot of sports games possibly being fixed is why throughout the years many have been scared about Las Vegas having a sports team, even though some of the fixing scandals have occurred far from Vegas.


Each year and more and more people are starting to believe that sports is somewhat fixed, especially the NBA, NFL, MLB, and MLS. However, even though there are now many people who believe that fixing occurs in those leagues, there are lot of people who say otherwise.


Those who believe that there are some rigging in those leagues believe that it always has something to do with money.


The fixing conversation is hard to figure out because even though there is evidence of this occurring in the past, it is still hard for many people to imagine that there is fakeness in the games. Anyone who is an athlete wants to win a championship. One would question, why an athlete would try to lose a game on purpose for money, especially since the ones who are pros already typically make a lot of money. Also they work so hard to make it to championship games.

It is important to mention that a lot of leagues do not want their athletes to be at casinos or have any type of association with gamblers. In a world in which fixing can possibly exist a lot, someone makes millions on top of millions when the fix goes their way. The bigger the event, the more someone can win. Winning bettors in these type of scenarios probably continue to bet on big sporting events if they do not get caught. One would have to imagine that not getting caught is pretty stressful. Sometimes information leaks intentionally or unintentionally. Bettors who possibly participate in this have to have strong control over making sure it does not leak to the media.


Trying to fix a game for money purposes is probably nowhere near as easy as it may seem to many people. If this does still exist, an important question to think about is whether or not there is fixing in all of the games, or is it just certain ones. If it does occur a lot and for each game, then another question to ask is all of the bets really high or are there different prices for only specific games throughout the year.

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