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Attracting the Young Generation to the Casino Floor

Casinos are in the process of going through changes. Based off of a recent White House report, those born in the last two decades now make up 1/3 of the American population. However, the average age of a slot machine player is 50 and up. Those who are 50 and up grew up before the internet age, mobile devices, Play Station, and Xbox games. Most of the slot machine regulations are older than the internet. Analysts believe that the regulations need to be updated to fit today’s time period. This will help the casino industry expand more and cater more to the young generation of casino goers.



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Why The Young Generation Are Not Interested In Traditional Slot Machines?- A lot of young people are turned off by slot machines because they are based on luck. Many prefer to play games that are based on some form of skill, like the games they play online, on smartphones, and tablets. Also, a lot of them like to play games in which they can compete against others. Some of the gaming manufacturers have been envisioning offering players the type of games in which they can use their cellphones to track down where they and other players stand in competitions.

Millennials like to be able to interact with others when they are playing a game. They do not want to sit alone at a machine. In order for slot machines to appeal more to a young person, on average the games would have to be more interactive. They want to be able to interact with other players while playing on the machines.


The Casino Changes That Are Already Evident- The CEO of MGM Resorts International, James Murden, stated that the slot floors that are seen today will not be seen 10 years from now. Many casinos have been reducing the number of slot machines instead of increasing the number of machines. They have been doing this in order to have more space for the popular table games and restaurants. In the year of 2011, the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas opened with an estimated amount of 1,500 slot machines. Now the amount of slot machines have been reduced to 1,300. However, the amount of table games have increased from 77 to over 120.

When casinos add new slot machines, they are different from the kind the previous generations have played. There will be fewer old slot machines that have been around for a long time.


Slot Machines of the Future- The slot machines in the future will be similar to videogames. Some of the machines in the future will even have chairs that will rock. The chairs will rock like a mechanical bull arcade ride. It is expected that the machines will be giant size, have animated touchscreens, clips of popular tv shows, escalating jackpots, famous movie characters, and entertainers. In addition to those, if state regulators approve the option to include slot machines with an element of skill, giant leaderboards are expected to display the names of top competitors.


The CEO of Gamblit Gambling, Eric Meyerhofer thinks that casino floors in the future will be a modern day arcade, but for adults. Gamblit Gambling has already been making games that could work in a casino type of setting. They are just waiting to get the okay to offer them at casinos.


Meyerhofer strongly believes that once arcade type of slot machines become available there will be a ripple effect with Nevada and New Jersey leading the way. Not only will the ripple effect occur in the United States, but also worldwide.


Casinos Will Be More Social- Meyerhofer also strongly believes that casinos will make huge changes to their lounges. More lounges in casinos will have flat touchscreen gaming tables that will allow players to place their drink. There would be a bar and huge video boards surrounding the tables.


Some casinos already have the type of lounges Meyerhofer is talking about. For instance, the Encore Players Club at Wynn Las Vegas is a casino that has an interactive table.


Young people matter a lot to the casino industry, which is why they are desperately trying to find ways to connect more with the young people. They know what the young people are very interested in when it comes to games. If the casino industry wants to continue to survive, they have to pay attention to what the young people are interested in. Just like with any other industry, the casino industry will be much different than it is today because of how society is now. When societies change, so do the industries located in that society. The casino industry will do whatever it takes to make sure that it continues to survive.

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