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Frost Bite Slot Review – Coldest Slots from Microgaming

Get warm and get ready to deal with the cold when spinning 3 reels of the Frost Bite slot game. Frost Bite slot is a retro slot style slot machine that has an Arctic spin to it on your computer screens developed by Microgaming. Living in the Arctic tundra can be very challenging and there are pickings in this game that only has one payline set on the reels. This means that the spinners of this game have to make sure that they keep their eyes on the screen and make the most of every win that comes along the way.

Frost Bite does offer its players some help through a wild symbol that can be double or even quadrupled the value of the normal wins when they are replacing them on the payline.


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The Spins- When it comes to the design of the game, its theme is very unique. It has a snowy design and a coldness to it. Games that are in set in locations that are hot and exotic like the jungle or the desert are typically more welcomed. Players who like spine tingling shivers along with a spinning buzz will definitely like playing this game.


The screen of this game has ice coldness to it and it has blue and white colors with frosty reel symbols like snowflakes. Also, there is a little snow elf character. When playing this game, you will see typical bar icons which are big blocks of blue ice so that way players of this game can experience ice cold retro spins in this slot machine.


This game does a fantastic job at developing a frosty aesthetic. This is a game that is perfect to play on a hot summer day. In regards to its graphics, they are a bit outdated in comparison to other modern slot machines that have been released in recent years. The illustrations and artwork in this game definitely is not enough to captivate players.


The Spinning Action in the Game- The benefit of playing this type of slot game is that the spinning action in it is simple. Players have to select their wager by choosing to play either with 1 or 2 coins that have any of these values- 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, and 5.00 credits. Since there is only one payline in this game, that is all to it when it comes to this. Players do not have to mess around with any other options.

Based on the paytable which is next to the reels playing with 2 coins is more rewarding than just 1 coin. It would seem as if in that playing with larger bets are riskier. However, in this case it is not the scenario. Even if 2 coins are placed on the reels, only 1 coin will be multiplied by the values that is shown in the paytable.


If there is one snowflake icon that pops up on the payline (in any position) a total bet multiplier worth 2x is given out. It is irrespective of the amount of coins that are in play. The wins continue going up to a maximum total bet multiplier of 800x which is given when there are three Frost Bite logo icons make an appearance on the payline.


The Wilds in this Game- The Frost Bite logo is the game’s most interesting symbol when it comes to the prize payout potential. Not only is it the most interesting symbol in this game, but it has wild characteristics. This means that it will replace other symbols that are on the paytable in order to finish off line wins. When this symbol comes into play, it can double or quadruple the normal value prize. This will depend on whether one or two are on the payline.


Thoughts About This Game- When it comes to the theme of the game, the slot is very unique and is very niche for those who would like to try out a game that is ice cold and contains retro spinning action. However, when it comes to the quality of its design and the bonus elements, this is a game that is far from being the most innovative. There is an 800x jackpot in this game and also there is a possibility of receiving wild wins that have 4x multipliers. Overall this slot machine is definitely worth a try. The jackpot alone that is being provided has the ability to make any slot player want to give this slot a try. Who would not want an 800x jackpot? As you are trying to get the big wins in this game, make sure you try your best to stay as warm as possible because this is a game that is ice cold and will put you in danger of getting a frost bite.

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