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Gold in Bars Slot – Replicate of a Real Life Slots Game

Immediately, the Gold in Bars slot gives off a classic slots game impression. The title of this game is a play on the phrase “golden bars”. Right away, the game shows mental images of riches that can be waiting on you.

At first glance, the setup of this game is pretty basic and functionalist. There are only three buttons, only one payline, and no bonus features. CTXM/GamesOS has developed a wide range of video slots. Gold in Bars is structured like a real-life slots game than a flashy video slots title.


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AUD $502

In-Play Betting



2-3 Days

+ 4 more

CTXM/GamesOS has created a lot of good slots. If you read this article, you will find where does Gold in Bars rank in comparison to a lot of the other CTXM/GamesOS slot games.

One Reel- You will immediately recognize the game setup if you have played the Fruit Salad Jackpot. This is definitely a slot game that is designed to appeal to those who are interested in old-fashioned slots. The symbols in this slot game are the typical ones from the genre such as fruits, gold, gems, and stars/bells.

The sound effects and music are designed to give off a real casino vibe. This is very cool, since there are a lot of flashier video slots that lack in this area. Overall the slot game was not over-stimulated. For its design, it delivers in the right type of way.

For some players, a reel-one payline is too basic. However, this slot is not something that should be completely neglected. It might make the difficulty go up, but the level of fun goes up at the same time.

The Bullion- As already stated, there are not any scatter symbols, free spins, wild symbols, nor bonus rounds. The setup is not hard to understand. You can bet one coin at a time, bet the whole $5, and make the reel spin. In this slot game, there is not an auto-roll option. However, you do have the option to turn off the volume and/or sound effect. The option to turn it off is located on the bottom left corner of the screen. Your current balance and jackpot prize are both located on the top left corner of the game screen.

It is important to keep an eye out for the values of different symbols. Also it is important to know that payouts are based are on the corresponding bet size, but the symbols’ value are not intuitive. Wins for each symbols starts at the bottom left and then goes left to right in an upwards direction. The diamond in this slot is less valuable than the watermelon. Depending on the current jackpot prize, the triple bars have the highest values. The maximum non-jackpot payout can at times be more than the larger prizes offered in the game.

Having the Gold Rush- There is only one single reel to win prizes on in this game. This is a slot game that is more geared towards those who are big spenders. The minimum bet is $1, but in order to be eligible for the jackpot, you have to bet $5 for each spin. Even though there is not a multiplier in this game, there is a constantly growing progressive jackpot that can be won on any random spin, if the maximum bet is placed.

An interesting asset to this slot game is that two percent of each wager goes to the jackpot. Guess what? You are not the only that contributes to this. All players that play this slot contribute to the jackpot. Amazing right? This jackpot can grow very quickly, and the chances to win a large jackpot does not depend on how many times you spin the reels.

Some slot players love progressive jackpots, and some do not. However, the progressive jackpot works pretty well for this type of slot.

Overall Thoughts about Gold in Bars Slot- There are some slot players who would love the fact that it is very plain and simple. Even though this slot does not have a specific theme, it is still an interesting slot to play. Those who are interested in receiving a big payout from a slot will definitely enjoy playing this one. As a matter of fact, a lot of those type of slot players might find this slot to be better than what they think it will be off of a first glance.

If you are the type of slot player that cares about flashy graphics and fancy features, then this game will not appeal to you at all. Slot players that are not interested in those type of elements will more than likely want to play this slot over and over again. Plus, the prizes offered in Gold in Bars are pretty interesting as well.

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