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Golden Pyramid Slot – Review

Have you ever wondered what it could be like to take a journey for pharaoh treasures? If the answer is yes, then you should play the Golden Pyramid slot developed by Magnet Gaming. Thanks to them, you do not have to wonder about this anymore. This is a game that will take you on a mission to find the treasures of pharaohs. The pharaoh inspired treasures are just one click away. There are a lot of exciting features in this game provided to the players. Also, this slot adds on a fresh twist for slots. This game definitely deserves the attention it has been receiving.


Doubts surrounding this game has definitely been erased due to its fresh new concept. Obviously, anyone would wonder if there is enough to this game that will keep entertained throughout the entire gaming session. If you continue reading this, you will find out.


Magnet Gaming- Magnet Gaming got its start in the online casino market in the end of 2014. The company has been aiming to develop online slots that are attractive. Since the company has already been around since 2014, there is not much history to it. However, do not be surprised if the company does end up making a huge name for itself. Especially if they continue to develop games like Golden Pyramid. A lot of online slot makers tend to contain the same type of vision along with the same values. Most of the makers in the online slot world tend to focus on making the games fun and fair. However, with Magnet Gaming, they like to provide a bit more. They like to raise player retention at the online casinos by making sure the players would want to keep playing their games over and over.


Magnet Gaming has done well with the release of this game. They definitely did not fail with trying to increase the slot game appeal. This game has outstanding visual design and everything about this game blends in very well together.


What Makes Golden Pyramid Special- This game is a 3 reel slot. Even though this slot has 3 reels, there is more to this game than just simply that. The payout for this game is higher than most games. Not only is the payout fantastic, but the symbols in this game are outstanding as well. These symbols makes sure that the cash is flowing. A huge unique feature about this game is that it has two progressive jackpots. The fact that this game offers two progressive jackpots means that there is an increase in the amount of access to multipliers in order to receive wins.

The wilds bring in even more excitement to the game and there are a few hidden factors of this game that also make it very fun to play.


The Mission of this Game- The mission of this game is to get the pharaoh’s treasures. This can be accomplished through going inside the Golden Pyramid. Like already mentioned, there are two progressive jackpots and three bonuses that are action packed. The goal for every player of this game is to get to these aspects of the game. If you have progress in the Golden Pyramid, you will be on an exciting journey that contains some nice prizes.


Unlocking the Secrets- Whenever three symbols match horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, you can win each time. You can also win by winning one of the three bonuses. Gem Quest is the leader for the bonus games and it gives out 20 free spins and an opportunity to 4has a journey that is nerve wrecking and it is located deep inside the pyramid. Chamber of Treasures is next. It is a match 3 game by itself. Magnet Gaming gives its players unique features and the benefits they provide in this game come up big when needed the most.


Players from the UK to the United States can enjoy this game and the outstanding features. Also, cannot forget the two progressive jackpots offered in the Golden Pyramid slot. The fact that is game offers two progressive jackpots is what makes a lot of people interested in it. This game brings in something new to the table. Plus, players are given the opportunity to win each time through the exciting bonus features. In this game, the fun continues while it is in play. Magnet Gaming did a fantastic job at developing this game. The gameplay is very fun and it is one to remember once the reels stop spinning. Its graphics are so brilliant. This is the type of game you do not want to miss out on. Right at the start of this game, you will see why it satisfies a lot of slot players and why this game is definitely golden.

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