Below we list safe, reputable and legal betting sites for 2018. In 2017, the Australian government outlawed casino sites that haven’t obtained local licenses. Despite casino operators aiming to obtain local authorization, the process has been slow and therefore mainstream betting platforms are the only legally authorized forms of gambling offering real money options in 2018.

Online Keno Real Money – Australia’s Top Keno Sites in 2017

Keno games can be found up and down Australia, and like pokies, they are not confined to casinos. These games can be found in betting shops, racetracks and even in clubs across the country. That’s because Keno is very easy to play, and because it has huge jackpots at the higher level, which serves to entice gamblers and non-gamblers alike.

If you have never played this game before, you just need to think of it as an automatic, virtual lottery. The difference is that everything is instant, and you don’t need to wait for a daily or a weekly draw. You pick your numbers, you play your game and you collect your prizes. Simple as that.


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As well as many offline locations, Keno can also be played online, and there are a number of sites that offer this game.

Where to Play Keno

Even though it is popular, Keno is considered to be a little old fashioned by many gaming developers. Because of that, they tend to omit it from their software. Playtech have a variant, but it’s not very good, they didn’t put much effort into it and it’s the only one they have. BetSoft, Net Ent and other developers, on the other hand, don’t even have a variant of Keno available.

The best place to play this game online is with Microgaming, the oldest and one of the biggest software developers around. Microgaming’s virtual Keno plays just like the interactive games you know and love. The odds are huge, and you can play anywhere from 1 to 15 numbers.

To get the most out of this game, you should look to join a Microgaming casino, preferably one that offers a substantial new member bonus, such as Royal Vegas Casino. This casino will give you a foot-up to get you going, and that comes in the form of up to $1,200 in free cash. There is also a bunch of free spins on offer, but these need to be used on pokies and can not be used on Keno.

Keno Odds

You can find the Microgaming Keno under the “Lottery” section of the Royal Vegas Casino website, which will change depending on whether you are playing the instant play version or the download version.

This game looks very simple on the surface, but give it a chance and you will be glad you did. You can choose between 1 and 15 numbers, as mentioned above, but don’t assume that just because fewer numbers offer you a greater chance at a clean sweep, that they are the best way to go. In fact, as you will see from the list below, the more numbers you play, the greater your chance of success will be:

  • 1 Number — 75%
  • 2 Numbers — 09%
  • 3 Numbers — 04%
  • 4 Numbers — 79%
  • 5 Numbers — 87%
  • 6 Numbers — 79%
  • 7 Numbers — 15%
  • 8 Numbers — 90%
  • 9 Numbers — 43%
  • 10 Numbers — 54%
  • 11 Numbers — 10%
  • 12 Numbers — 22%
  • 13 Numbers — 90%
  • 14 Numbers — 27%
  • 15 Numbers — 39%

Of course, there is very little difference between 2 numbers (the second lowest) and 13 numbers (the highest). But there is a significant difference between 1 number and 13 numbers. Bear in mind that this refers to your total return, and suggests that by playing 15 numbers consistently over a prolonged period, then you can expect a return of $94.90 for every $100 that you spend.

Keno Tips

Looking for a few tips to turn you into a winner? Keep reading:

  • Budget: This is very important, because it’s easy to lose a lot of money. The more numbers you play, the less you should spend. Think of Keno less like a sports book bet or even a lottery ticket, and more like a spin on a pokie, especially when playing the higher numbers. So, focus on small amounts, stretching your budget.
  • Bankroll: As well as setting a budget, an amount that you want to spend during one session, and an amount that you want to bet during one game, you should look to set an overall bankroll. This is essential for all gamblers, especially those who gamble on a regular basis, as it ensures they only ever lose what they can afford to lose.
  • Keep Cool: As soon as you set your price, make sure that you stick to it. It’s easy to get angry and frustrated when you lose and to increase your budget as a result. But this is how gamblers lose everything and it’s how casual gamblers become problem gamblers.
  • Numbers Big and Small: As we mentioned above, it’s usually best to play more numbers, but the margins are very small, and the differences between a couple of numbers and the full 15, are very slight. By all means pay attention to these if you are focusing on an extended session and you want to get the best return possible. But don’t rely too heavily on it and play the amount of numbers that you feel most comfortable with.

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