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Lucky Tree – Excellent Slot from Bally

We all want to have some sort of good luck in our lives, whether it be small or big. Obviously, whenever anyone is at a casino, they hope that they end up being very lucky. Not every single person is superstitious, but a lot of people have a certain tradition they believe in that will help increase their chances of being lucky. In a lot of cases, even when it does not work, many people still repeat the tradition over and over again.


Who knows…you might happen to be the one that feels the way if you decide to play Lucky Tree. Lucky Tree is a slot developed by Bally. This is a slot that has been typically found at brick-and-mortar casinos, but it has been making it way to the online world. Lucky Tree can be played at a lot of Play4Fun Network social casinos. There are a lot of bonuses that offers large rewards to the lucky players. Through playing this slot, you might be the one to have luck on your side.


The Reels- Lucky Tree has five reels, and 30 paylines. A lot of the rules are just like ones in other slots like this one. When you are playing the main game, your goal will be to land matching symbols from left to right on your activated paylines. The more matching icons you receive on the reels, the bigger your prize will be.


The symbols on the reels Chinese themed, and so is the art. The lower value symbols are the typical card game ranks that are seen in a lot of slots, like the ace, king, and queen. Also you will see fish, bamboo, and flower blossoms on the reels. Each of these symbols can get you some prizes.


The Prizes- One of the assets of this game is the wild symbol. The wild symbol in this slot is the coins. These coins help finish off combinations of the other symbols. After completing any spin, you might see an additional coin or maybe two fall on the reels randomly. This will increase the chances of getting a win.


Lucky Tree gets even better during the free spins round. The round gets triggered through landing three ying yang scatter symbols anywhere. When this round occurs, you will be given 10 free spins. Each of these is increased through a set of falling wilds. It is not uncommon to have a least three wilds fall onto the reels, which creates some big wins.


There is even another way to get some bonus credits. If you land at least three cats on the same spin, you will be given the option to choose one of them. A prize of credits will get revealed, and it will add on to whatever else was received on that spin.


Overall Thoughts About Bally’s Lucky Tree Slot- Obviously if you decide to play this slot, you are going to hope that you become lucky. Also, you will feel the same way if you were playing another slot. You may or may not have some sort of tradition you follow hoping that it will increase your chances of being lucky. Through this slot being revolved around luck, it is only fitting that this would be a slot game that many people would love to play. Not just once, but over and over again.


Granted there are some people who do not actually believe in luck, but instead believe that everything that happens is meant to be. However, we all want tools that will be able to help make our lives better.


There are a lot of reasons as to why you should play this slot. The first reason is because of its presentation. Its presentation is amazing, and if you are a fan of Chinese culture then you would definitely find it attractive. Another reason as to why this slot is worth checking out is because of tis gameplay. The gameplay is very exciting due to the wild symbols being able to appear at any random moment. Also, there are two very fun bonus rounds provided in this game. With all of these combining factors, why not play this slot? Through playing this slot, you might happen to have that lucky feeling. It is the type of slot that can be played over and over, without getting tired of it. Bally did a fantastic job at developing this slot, and there was definitely a lot of effort put behind it. It is the type of slot that can appeal to everyone. Slot players of all types can definitely have an enjoyable experience as they are playing it. Lucky Tree Slot definitely deserves the grade of an A due to all of these elements put together at once.

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