Below we list safe, reputable and legal betting sites for 2018. In 2017, the Australian government outlawed casino sites that haven’t obtained local licenses. Despite casino operators aiming to obtain local authorization, the process has been slow and therefore mainstream betting platforms are the only legally authorized forms of gambling offering real money options in 2018.

What is Microgaming and Why Is it Important for the Gambling Industry?

Microgaming has done wonders for the online casino industry. The online casino industry would not be able to exist without the special software. It is a software company that has begun its dominance in the year of 1994 and became the first online casino software platform.
The History of Microgaming- Like already mentioned, the company started in the year of 1994. Since the start of the company, they have been able to dominate the market heavily even while competing against Playtech and NetEntertainment.


Microgaming’s Impact on the Online Casino Industry- Microgaming has made a dominating impact on online casinos. They have made the online casino industry safe. Without them, online casino players would constantly be at a huge risk. Their information would not be safe and neither would playing the games be safe as well.


The online casino industry has to be as safe as possible. Thanks to Microgaming, players are able to gamble online without worrying much. Most online casinos are safe to use now.


Not only has Microgaming made the online casino industry safer, but they have also made other contributions. Establishing eCOGRA  is one of the many accomplishments they have made. Now eCOGRA is now viewed as one of the foremost auditors of casino softwares in the world. Bringing in the concept of providing online players with progressive jackpots is another huge accomplishment they have made. Microgaming created the software to allow players from all over the world to participate in and receive some of the biggest prizes in the online casino world. Even now to this day, some of the company’s leading progressive games are still very popular. Another huge way they have made an impact on the online gambling world is creating the Viper gaming platform. This allowed them to revolutionize the way players were able to receive the games through this platform that has been able to do anything from sorting to recommending games. Through using this platform they have also been able to track the players and award loyalty points.


The Impact of the Classic Microgaming Games- Microgaming has a lot to offer for those who are interested in any form of gambling. Like already mentioned in this article, the company has a bit of everything to offer for those who decide to play any of their games. Those who like to play slot machines will definitely find a variety of games to play. For those who are interested in playing table games will also find that they have a huge selection to choose from. Their games have been able to stand the test of time on online casinos like IGT and Aristocrat games have been able to for the land-based casinos. Some of Microgaming’s most popular games are Hellboy, Tomb Raider 2, Thunderstruck, and the sequel. Thunderstruck and the sequel are considered to be some of the best and one of the most recognized online slot machine games.

Why Would Not It Be Safe for Gamblers to Gamble Online Without Microgaming Existing?- It cannot be expressed enough just how important Microgaming is for the online casino world. Without it, many people would not even want to gamble online because of the history of people having their identity stolen from putting their information into a website. Thankfully Microgaming was thinking ahead of the game. Back when they first started existing, online gambling was not as popular as it now. The reason why they are even more important today than they were in the past is because now way more people are gambling online than there were back then. Also, the world has become way more reliant on the internet. Since the internet is heavily involved in a lot of people’s daily lives, now there has been rise of online gambling. It is expected to continue to go up once it becomes legal in more states and countries. Each day they are becoming more and more important to the world.


As you can see, the impact Microgaming has made for the online casino industry is bigger than what our minds can conceive. It is a software that a huge chunk of the online casino industry survives off of for many different reasons. Each reason is equally important for the industry. Without just one of their components, the online casino industry would not be where it is at today. As the online casino industry is getting bigger, so is Microgaming. Microgaming has created a huge domino effect in why the industry is as big as it is today. With the online casino industry expected to keep growing, it is needed more and more as the days go by. Thanks to them, a lot of online casino players are able to play the games with a smile on their face.

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