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Movies That Are About Gambling

There are many movies made about gambling. Some of the biggest movies have been about gambling or have had some type of connection to it.



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The movie Casino was released in 1995. It stars Robert De Niro (Character name- Sam Ace Rothstein), Sharon Stone (Character name- Ginger McKenna), Jose Pesci (Character name- Nicky Santoro), James Woods (Character name- Lester Diamond), and more. The setting of the movie is in Las Vegas. Its theme is glittering and glamorous, but however brutal at the same time. Ace and Nicky move to Las Vegas. They decide to move to Vegas to live in the paradoxical environment. Ace is an operator of the Tangiers Casino, while Nicky is his friend that is very tough. Nicky robs locals in the movie. The flaw in their characters is seen when Ace falls in love with a woman that is a hustler named Ginger.


Rounders is a movie about a man who is young. He has to return to playing big stakes poker to help pay off loan sharks for a friend. The movie stars Matt Damon (Character name- Mike McDermott), Gretchen Mol (Character name- Jo), John Malkovich (Character name- Teddy KGB), Paul Cicero (Character- Russian Thug), Ray Iannicelli (Character name-Kenny), and more. Mike McDermott is the lead character of the film. It was released in 1998.


The Sting was released in 1973. However, the movie is set in 1936. It is based in Chicago. The movie is about a con man who is young trying to get revenge for his murdered partner. He decides to team up with a master of the con to try to win a fortune from a banker that is a criminal. This movie stars Paul Newman (Character name- Henny Gordoff), Robert Redford (Character name- Johnny Hooker), Robert Shaw(Character name- Doyle Lonnegan), Charles Durning (Character name- Lt. Wm. Synder), Ray Walston (Character name- J.J. Singleton), and more. The climax of the movie settles around the fact that a mutual friend is killed by a mob boss. There are two con men. One of the con men are experienced and the other one is young. Their goal is to try to get even by pulling off the big con through the mob boss. As the movie goes along, there are a lot of plot twists that take place.


Ocean’s Eleven was released in 2001. It stars George Clooney (Character name- Danny Ocean, Cecelia Ann Birt (Character- Board Member #1), Paul L. Nonan (Character- Board Member #2), Carol Florence (Character- Board Member #3), Lori Gallinski (Character- BlackJack Dealer) and more. In the movie, Dannie Ocean wants to have the largest heist in history. He decides to form and combine an eleven member team which includes Frank Catton, Rusty Ryan, and Lidus Caldwell. The Bellagio, the Mirage, and the MGM Grand all of their targets. All of the casinos are owned by Terry Benedict. Their challenge to get in secretly and out with $150 million are far from easy.


The High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story was released in 2003. It is based on a true story. The movie is about the rise and fall of poker legend Stu “The Kid” Ungar. The movie stars Al Bernstein (Character- himself), Andrew N.S. Glazer (Character- himself), Michael Imperioli (Character- Stu Ungar), Brian Kaplan (Character- John Strzemp), Michael Pasternak- (Character- The Stranger), Jonathan Press (Character name- Young Stu), and more.


The Cincinnati Kid was released in 1965. It stars Steve McQueen (Character name- The Cincinnati Kid), Ann Margret (Character name- Melba), Karl Maden (Character- Shooter), Tuesday Weld (Character name- Christian), Edward G. Robinson (Character name- Lancey Howard), Joan Blondell (Character name- Lady Fingers), and more. In the movie a new poker player tries to prove to himself and others in high stakes matches against a master who has been having a lot of success at the game.


These movies are pretty entertaining to watch, even though some are extremely old. If you love to gamble or are a fan of any of the actors who starred in the movies mentioned above, you should definitely take a look at them. Warning for those who are not a fan of action movies, some of these movies are very violent. While watching these movies, you can learn about gambling and different casinos. Also regardless of what type of movie we are watching, usually there is a lesson to be learned from them.


While watching a movie that is related to gambling, the person watching it can learn about a game from them and learn how to play it. As long as gambling continues to be a successful industry, there will always be movies made about it. The movie industry is very aware about how a lot of people enjoy gambling.

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