Below we list safe, reputable and legal betting sites for 2018. In 2017, the Australian government outlawed casino sites that haven’t obtained local licenses. Despite casino operators aiming to obtain local authorization, the process has been slow and therefore mainstream betting platforms are the only legally authorized forms of gambling offering real money options in 2018.

Privacy Policy of the Site

Privacy is important to Legitimate Gambling, and we will always strive to do what we can to make this website a safe and secure place for our readers. With that in mind, the terms contained on this page concern the privacy of Legitimate Gambling and its users.



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Gathering Your Information


There are very few occasions in which Legitimate Gambling will ever ask for your personal details, but such occasions do exist. At no point will we request any sensitive information, including financial details, as we have no use for these. However, in some cases, we may ask for basic personal details like your name and your email address, these include:


  • Contact Forms
  • Feedback Forms
  • Newsletter Subscriptions
  • Analytics


Using Your Information


Where contact and feedback forms are concerned, we only ask for your information so that we can send you a reply, and so that we can personalise that reply. You do not need to use these forms if you do not want to, and if you do not need a reply, then you do not even need to leave a valid name or address.


In the case of newsletter subscription forms, we request your email address so that we can send you periodic emails. These are delivered at your specific request, and you will never be sent these unless you specifically ask for them. And if you decide that you no longer want to receive them, then you will be given the option to unsubscribe at anytime.


We also reserve the right to use analytics software, which are used on most websites. This software relays some basic information about you and your activity on our website. This information may include your rough location and your browser and/or platform. It does not, however, include any names, email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers or other sensitive data. We use this information to further our knowledge of who is using our website and what they are doing when they are here.


Securing Your Information


In most cases, we will not store your data, so we do not need to worry about keeping this safe. Such is the case with emails and messages that are sent to us. However, with newsletter subscriptions, your email will be held safely and securely either on our servers, or the servers of our newsletter provider. The analytics data will also be held securely on a third-party server, and one that can only be accessed by a select number of people, all of whom are associated with Legitimate Gambling.


We will never sell your data and we will never use it for marketing purposes, unless you have given us consent to do so. We will never sell your data either, nor will it be given away or used in a trade. Whenever your information becomes obsolete, whenever we are no longer in need of it, it will be deleted and will be irretrievable.




Cookies are small files that serve to connect a user’s computer with the website they are using. They are considered to be essential with content websites such as this, and they are widely considered to be safe. At Legitimate Gambling we believe that these files improve the user experience, so we do use cookies.


Our Affiliates


At Legitimate Gambling we do not sell anything, nor do we provide a paid service. However, Legitimate Gambling may link to others who provide such a service or a product. In this case, as Legitimate Gambling have no access to the accounts of said affiliates, we can accept no responsibility for anything that happens to a user once they click onto one of those pages.


All users of Legitimate Gambling are also asked to remember that these policies only apply to Legitimate Gambling. Once a user leaves this site for another, whether affiliated with Legitimate Gambling or not, these polices no longer apply, and all sites will have their own privacy policies.


Your Consent


By using the Legitimate Gambling website you are automatically agreeing to the terms listed on this page. If that is not the case, for whatever reason, then you may simply close this site down. If so, we would appreciate a message, letting us know the issue that you had with these terms. After all, these terms were created for the benefit of the users of Legitimate Gambling, and if a segment of those users are not happy with them, then we may need to think about making some changes.

Changes to this Page


At Legitimate Gambling we reserve the right to make any changes to these terms that we deem necessary. If possible, we may inform users in advance of these changes, but if it is not possible or necessary to make such an announcement, then it will not be made.


If you continue to use the Legitimate Gambling website following any changes, then you are automatically giving your consent for them.