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The Psychology Aspect of Slot Machines

Slot machines are very fun for a lot of people. When they are having fun playing the machines, there is a psychologic aspect behind as to why they are enjoying their gaming session. In the past, table games received more attention than the slot machines. Now the machines make up most of the revenue for casinos. In this modern day, they make up 70-80% of casino revenue. Now many have noticed that there are designing tactics used for these games to make the players not want to stop playing them.



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Why Are The Machines Addictive for A lot of People?- For a lot of people, slot machines are easy to get addicted to. This is why they are very popular among gamblers and casino owners. There are a few different factors in the machines that makes them addictive. One is the digital interfaces they have with big screens. Another factor is the cheery music that comes from the machines. The way the machines gives out the rewards is a huge factor. Slot machine makers have learned the psychology effect machines have on player’s minds during their gaming session.


Psychological Principles of Slot Machines- Back during the 1960s, B.F. Skinner discovered the basic slot machine psychological principles. He is famous for an experiment that took place on pigeons. During this experiment he put pigeons in a box. The box would give them a pellet of food when they press a lever. When he would alter the box to make the pellets come out on a random basis. Skinner realized something very important. He realized that the pigeons would press the lever more. After this experiment, the Skinner box was born. Skinner himself, likened this experience to a machine, which is the slot.


How The Skinner Box Works- Blending tension and release is how the skinner works. After the lever of the box is released, the pellet becomes absent. Once the pellet is absent, expectation is created via reward. The animal becomes frustrated when the reward is little. When they become frustrated they stop trying. They often will not push the lever.


The Sweet Spot for all Slot Machine Makers- Finding a spot is a goal for all slot machine makers. Since the arrival of magnetic cards, determining the magic formula became easier. For those who are not aware, magnetic cards can be used by players to get extra rewards. Like for instance, free hotel rooms from the casino. Casinos are able to keep track of their players through the magnetic cards. This allows casino owners to give them their rewards. The type of awards they give out to their players are always ones that keeps them playing.


Flow- Flow is another psychological aspect that applies to slot machines. Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s idea of this form is in which a perfect storm of activity and desire coalesces create a mental mind that makes hours go by in minutes. Natasha Schull, a MIT professor described this concept as saying, “During “flow,” time speeds up (hours feel like minutes) or slows down (reactions can be made instantly) and the mind reaches a state of almost euphoric equilibrium,” according to this report. Another way she described this is by stating, “First, each moment of the activity must have a little goal; second, the rules for attaining that goal must be clear; third, the activity must give immediate feedback; fourth, the tasks of the activity must be matched with challenge,” according to the same source. Throughout a lot of the history of slot machines, slots have easily followed the whole criteria of flow.


Many players are not aware of the psychological effects of the slot machines. This is why a lot of people get easily addicted to the machines along with possible personal issues. Slot machines have a special connection with its players in a lot of cases. Owners of casinos love to find ways to keep their players on the machines. They also like to find ways to make sure their guests want to come back. There are a lot of different layers as to why slot machines are very popular all around the world. It is expected that slot machines will become even better in the future. This means that there will be even more psychological effects coming from the machines. Slot machines have already came a long way. These machines have the ability to take the players’ mind to another world. There are some people who develop an unconditional love for the machines. At times it is hard for them to break away from the huge love they have for the machines. It is something that slot machine operators and casino owners have done well for at capitalizing off of this for so many years.

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