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Rex Slot Review – Unique Slot Based On TV Series

Rex is the most interesting slot Novomatic has created. This is a 5 reel and 40 payline slot and it features Rex who is a police dog. Rex is the main character of the game. This is a slot based on the 1990s Inspector Rex TV series. In the TV series, Rex would go after different criminals. Rex is a groomed Alsatian who will sniff the bad guys and will be on your side when you are fighting against crime and will give out nice wins in the process of doing so.



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The Bookings- In this game, there are police related symbols and they include Handcuffs, Sandwich, Guns, Police Helicopters, Paw Prints, Police Cars, and the standard Poker card values (Starting from 9 to Ace). The wild symbol of the game is the Paw Print and it can replace all symbols except for the scatter which is the Siren.


Receiving Up to 16 Free Spins- If you land at least three sirens anywhere on the reels, the Free Spins feature will get triggered. During the Free Spins feature, you will have the opportunity to get all of the dangerous criminals. In this feature, all of the Sandwich symbols are transformed into Rex. You can receive even larger wins when they are change to Rex.


This is a game that offers an adjustable 10 paylines with bets for each line starting at 0.04. With this being the case, players are given more chances to win than on most other 3 reel slots that are currently on the market on gambling sites. With this type of minimum level, just one spin has 10 paylines activated. The maximum bet for each line is at 10.00. All 10 paylines can be activated with 100.00 credits. This serves as the best bet possible for this game. However, there are many options any player can choose outside of the extremes to satisfy different budgets of online slot players.


How Good Is The Slot Game?- This is a classic slot that contains basic functions. Not only are the functions basic, but its interface is easy to use. Its simplicity is definitely a strong point of this game. However, it is not the most exciting slot game you will ever play. This goes for slots that are online and at land-based casinos. Still, however it is doable especially if you were a fan of that show. There are not any strong significant flaws of this game, but however there are a lot of other more exciting slot games that you will come across on. Also, there are other slots with a dog theme that are much better for the slot players that are dog lovers. Plus, there are many other slots with a better audio system and graphics. The great thing about this slot game is that it does contain key elements from the television series that made a lot of people enjoy watching the show. Which is a key reason as to why a lot of people who watched the series would enjoy playing this slot.


The Rex Series Slot- As stated already in this article, Rex was the star of the show. Throughout the episodes, he displays a new trick he has learned. Some of the tricks he has shown is pointing to drugs or corpses, unlatching doors, and pushing trolleys. These tricks would turn out to be very useful at certain points throughout the episodes. Rex was used a lot to stalk suspects. Often at times, he would have a GPS type of device attached to him. That device was used as a way for officers to keep track.


When Rex was a pup, he was stolen by criminals. Rex was able to escape the criminal and when he escaped he managed to befriend a boy. He helped solve his first case with the boy he befriended.


A lot of times throughout the show, Rex called upon to help solve difficult situations. Some of the situations included helping a girl in shock, stopping a woman from committing suicide, and to help get a mobile phone whenever a crime was committed. In one of the most famous episodes of the series, Rex was used to help solve a hostile situation. During this situation he was told to hide behind the criminal and creep up behind him. Then after he creeps up behind him, frighten him. There was a humorous side to him. Whenever he was not working, he would pull pranks on the officers and sometimes he would fail to obey his orders in order to help out with the household.


Since the series was popular at one time and did have an interesting plot, it makes sense for a slot to be based on it. When playing this slot, make sure you try your best to get the criminals.

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