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Rubik’s Riches Slot – Review

Rubik’s Riches is a unique and interesting 3d dimensional casino slot developed by Ash Gaming. It is not like the traditional slots. This slot game does not have spinning reels, instead they have a Rubik’s Cube. The action takes place on the Rubik’s Cube. This Rubik’s Cube constantly spins combinations of squares that are colored. Like with the objective of the game itself, the goal in this slot is to land as many lines or faces of cube as you possibly can. This slot is similar to the Jenga slot because it is a reflection of what the game is based on.



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AUD $502

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2-3 Days

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If you are very good at solving a Rubik’s Cube in less than 5 minutes, your skill will lnot help you out here. This is because it is a slot game. In slot games, Lady Luck has the final say in the results you receive.


The features in this game definitely should not be overlooked. Rubik’s Riches has a fun bonus round and it offers free spins. Even though there are any traditional reels, it is still considered a 3 reel slot. The reason is because there are three columns in which matching icons have to land on. When it comes to the paylines, in total there are 18 of them and the jackpot offered is not progressive.


The Gameplay- Rubik’s Cube was very popular in the 1980s, but however it recent years its popularity had started increasing again. Ash Gaming definitely made the right decision on developing a slot based on the classic game.


Just like the actual game, the slot is very old school. There is a three dimensional cube in the center of the screen and the background is blue. On the left, you will see a table showing the payouts. Also on the left is an explanation of the bonus game and a tab that shows the face payouts. Like usual, the controls are located at the bottom of the screen.


When playing this game, you will notice the change audio, bet, auto play, and play buttons. Once you are ready to officially start, all you have to do is press play to rejig the Rubik’s Cube.


Obviously, there are not any traditional symbols in this game. The reason is because the object of the game is to shuffle the cube and receive matching colored squares. If you are able to correctly complete colored faces enough amount of times, you will receive 5x, 20x, and 100x your stake in a respective manner. When you win on all 18 of the lines, you will receive the grand jackpot 4,000x.


The auto play option will automatically let the cube do its thing without you having to do anything. In other words, the auto play option will allow you to just relax while hoping to receive winning combinations.


Rubik’s Riches can be downloaded and you can play the online version of it. Unfortunately it is not available on mobile devices at this time.


The Bonus Round- Obviously there is more to the game than just landing matching colored squares. Like already mentioned, the aforementioned bonus game lets you have a shot at peeling off stickers and gain extra cubes. Randomly, the mini-game gets activated. When playing this game, make sure you watch out for the letters in the word “Rubik’s” lighting up at the top. You have to keep peeling the stickers until you peel off the one that says start.


If you receive an extra amount of cubes, you will be given more chances to win. During the free spins, the cube will keep spinning automatically until all of the free spins run out. Another interesting thing about this game is that the bonus game can be retriggered. If it gets retriggered, you will be able to win more cubes.


Thoughts about the Game- This is a slot that may take some time to get used to. However, it is good to take a break from the traditional slots. If you want to take a break from playing traditional slots, then Rubik’s Riches is the perfect slot for you. It is a fun three dimensional slot game to play. Even though the gameplay is simple, it is still pretty fun to play. The bonus game being able to be activated at any time is a plus. This bonus does not take long to activate and it can be lucrative. If you are a fan of playing the Rubik’s Cube game, then this slot is also perfect for you and you will feel right at home when playing it. Rubik’s Riches definitely deserves an A. It is a game you will never get tired of playing. Also, another great thing about this game is that it contains originality. This is far from your traditional slot.

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