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Super Duper Cherry Slot – Review

Fruit salads can be very tasty and this is very true in regards to slot games. Super Duper Cherry is a slot game designed by Bally Wulf. It has an entertaining theme which is classic fruits. However, there is a certain emphasis on the cherries and it is for good reasons. If you like retro slot games and large wins then you should definitely give this game a try.

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Retro and Disco- This game is very retro and also there are some simple graphics. These simple graphics bring in their own charm to the game.

The background of this game is very simple. Its background is a collection of colorful dots that is on a black background and they are arranged in a geometric pattern. If you look closely at the background, you might notice that it resembles a giant disco ball. Players will not need anything else to get themselves in a partying mood along with a betting one.

Also there are sound effects in this game that add on to the retro atmosphere. Due to all of these components, this is a classic video game. If you have never played any classic slot game, then you should definitely use this game as an example as one.

Getting the Party Going- Bally Wulff has a reputation of making their slot games easy to play and Super Duper Cherry is a good representation of that.

Like with a lot of other online slots, the command buttons are located in a command bar right under the reels. There are 5 reels with three symbols positions on each of them. You can pick between 5, 10, and 20 active paylines to make bets on. It is important to factor in that the bigger the bets are on multiple paylines are costly, but can also be very rewarding in the long run. The command buttons can be used to customize your bets to fit your preference. After you are done adjusting your bet settings, you are ready to hit the spin button. After you receive each win you can choose to pocket your reward or try to increase it by one of the optional mini games. Regardless if it is the card guessing game or the prize ladder you pick, it is important to know that making the wrong move will make your winnings go away just like that.


If you like playing fast games or happen to be in a hurry, then you should use the autoplay mode. Autoplay mode will save your bet settings. During this mode, the reels will spin on their own for as long as you want them to. Also, all of your winnings will get transferred to your personal stash in an automatic manner.

The Key Symbols in the Game- Super Duper Cherry follows the reputation of retro slot games and its paytable is not large.

Cherries, lemons, and oranges are the first few icons you will see on the reels. The values for those symbols are low, but they are the most common on the reels. You can rack up a lot of wins through these symbols because of how common they are.

Watermelons, grapes, sevens, and bells offer the biggest rewards in the game. As you can tell, this is a game that stay retro until it ends. The size of the rewards moderns the game. Landing a combination of 5 sevens is not worth anything less than 5,000x your wager. This is why you should make sure your eyes are always alert and it is important to try your best to land the elusive lengthy combinations.

Still Pay Attention to the Small Symbols- The title of this game kind of gives a special hint about one of its small symbols…which are the cherries. The cherry symbols have the smallest value, but however that is until you land 5 of them properly on an activated payline. When five of them are landed properly, all of the cherries change into a random symbol on the paytable.

Based on the luck you have, this special feature can turn the first symbol in the menu into a long combination. This is something that might get you the jackpot.


Thoughts About The Game- Those who are fans of retro games will definitely love playing this game. Even though its graphics are simple, they are still sleek and fit in well with the slot game.

Even though its paytable is small, this game still contains some originality and it is exciting. Also this game has the potential to be very rewarding. Even if you are tired of fruit games, this one still might be able to excite you.

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