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The Mummy Slot – Review

The Mummy slot gives out one of the most interest gaming experiences in recent times. The short introduction, sound effects, graphics, and animations does a good job at leading you into the game. If you want to start playing immediately, the introduction can be skipped. This is a slot that can be played through using a secure download installation or instant flash mode. There are free versions of this game available and you can also play it through using real money. In order to play the game with real money, you have to either use a penny, nickels, or dollars. The base game is easy to play and any player can look at the paytable and the cost symbol at any moment.



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The Mummy slot is not a typical slot with an ancient Egyptian theme slot. This game, made by Playtech, is based on the Hollywood hit film, “The Mummy”. The movie was released in 1999. Well-known actors Brendan Frazer and Rachel Weisz are featured in it. This game is available on some of the best online casinos and it is very captivating and entertaining. Its graphics are very fantastic along with the background. This game is a representation of the reputation Playtech has earned.


The Features In This Game- The reels contains the main characters in the movie (including the mummy, the Skorpion King, the high priest, Rick, and Evy). All of the reels are designed so well. Also treasure symbols, scarab beetles, and twin guns are also featured on the reels. There is another symbol provided that triggers free spins in the game. Reels with mummies on them are the wild symbols. Like with most other slot games, the wild symbols can substitute for all of the symbols except for the scatter and bonus symbols. The logo of the movie is the scatter in this case.

There is a very interesting feature in this game that is randomly launched at any moment while playing. The name of the feature is called the Mummy Hunt. In this feature, you have to search for mummies and have to annihilate as many of them as you can. When playing this round, you can kill up to 10 mummies. Going on a mummy hunt gives out amazing prizes that are relevant to the amount of mummies killed. Lost City Adventure is another bonus round and it gives players the opportunity to activate any feature and that includes the Scorpio scatter and mummy re-spins. When playing with real money, players are offered 8 special bonus rounds.


Betting In This Game- This is a slot that has 25 paylines. In this game, players are allowed to bet up to 5 coins on any payline. However, this automatically makes the jackpot go up. In order to win the jackpot, Ricks have to be lined up and they have to be Brandon Frazer reels. The jackpot is at an astonishing 10,000 game coins.


The Mummy slot is a good representation of Playtech. Playtech consistently releases games that are very interactive. It is a slot that anyone can enjoy…from young to old. Those who are fans of the movie will definitely enjoy this game since they will able to see glimpses of it as they are playing.


Since the Mummy was a huge successful movie obviously, Playtech would not want to miss out on capitalizing off of its success. Also, it is a movie that is much respected among a lot of movie watchers. Playtech did a very good job at making sure this slot would be able to capture what many have loved about the film. This game contains all of the elements needed in order for a slot to be entertaining for a lot of people. It has fantastic features, graphics, sounds, and bonuses. Even the reels in this game are so fantastic. Its look is attention grabbing. All of these components put together are what makes this slot not only enjoyable, but special. This is a slot that is very hard to resist. Another special thing about this slot is that it is affordable. Slot players of different financial statuses can afford to play this very special game.


This slot definitely deserves an A+. After playing this game, you will definitely see why. The way this game is designed is amazing. Also, it is a pretty simple game to learn. Its gambling possibilities is enough to put a smile on your face. It will have you smiling like how a little kid smiles when they play with their favorite toy. The slot gives out an experience that is unforgettable and it will have you wishing that it would never end. Unfortunately, the game does end, but however, this game has the ability to provide you with a very happy ending.

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