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UNLV International Gaming – Respected Center for Casino Studies

When a lot of students are buying school products around this time of year, it means that it is almost back to school time. In some of the classrooms in Nevada, the books are a bit different. The reason is because there are some classes with titles like Casino Marketing, Sociology of Gaming, and Accounting for the Gaming Industry.
Who Is The Coordinator For The Classes?- The courses are from programs that are coordinated by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ International Gaming Institute. The University of Nevada Las Vegas International Gaming Institute is the most respected place for studies dealing with the casino industry.



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Bo Benhard- Bo Benhard is the executive director. He is not just your regular ordinary executive director. Benhard has a passport that is well-known because he is always in demand to speak, teach classes in different parts of the world, and lead seminars. Recently, he returned to Las Vegas after helping organize sessions for new employees that are opening a new resort in Macau.


William Eadington- Not that long ago, casinos were just viewed as adult playgrounds and that gambling was just a hobby. In the 1960s and the 1970s an economics professor from University of Nevada, William Eadington realized that the industry was much more than that. After realizing this, he decided to perform some research on it. Now, Benhard wants to carry on his legacy. Eadington died in 2013, at the age of 67.


Interesting Aspect About The Institute- An interesting fact about this institute is that it works with schools and colleges on campus. It also studies cross among many different disciplines. Bernhard stated, “The International Gaming Institute is a university-level institute, one that partners with any number of different entities on campus, including the law school, engineering, computer science, libraries, architecture, sociology, psychology and others when our projects mandate that we engage in multidisciplinary thinking”, according to a news media report.


He also stated, “At base, as with all strong university institutes, we do two things: We teach and we do research, really R&D. Then he continued by saying, “The ‘research’ part is consistent with what all universities do while the ‘D’ part pertains to innovation, an area where we are really developing cutting-edge inventions for gaming and hospitality.


Shuffle Master- Mark Yoseloff, former CEO of Shuffle Master directs a class that is offered through the institute. Shuffle Master is the company that first formed and promoted all the automatic card-shuffling machines that are at casino pit games.


One interesting story about Shuffle Master is that once its makers delivered the perfect shuffling machine that was a huge need, it had to make more table games that could use them. Shuffle Master was bought out by Bally Technologies and then ultimately by Scientific Games. Let It Ride was formed because of more table games being needed.


The First Innovation Classes- The first two innovation classes produced 23 new patents. Those patents were developed by students. One of the students sold their idea to Konami Gaming. Konami Gaming is a gaming manufacturing giant Konami Gaming. The amount sold for was not publicly disclosed.


Developing New Games- When new games are being developed, students go heavily into the math world. They go into the math world to study odds in order to be able to determine outcomes of games that are not only a profit for the house, but fair to the players as well.


School Programs The Institute Has a Connection To- The institute’s connection to the gaming and hospitality are pretty obvious, but however, its connection to other school programs are not as obvious. This institute studies problem gambling. The study of problem gambling is an area in which Harvard Medical School even considers as a considerable resource. Engineering and architecture allows them to be able to examine casino design to determine what attracts customers. Their connection to Boyd Law School gives them a doorway to studying game laws and regulatory studies.


After knowing all of this information, it is very understandable as to why UNLV International Gaming is the most respected force in the casino industry in regards to studies. They have a lot of experience and perform many different types of studies that involves gambling. Thanks to them, now much more is known about what attracts customers in the gambling industry. The gambling industry just like any other business relies on studies being formed. Without studies being formed, casinos along with other industries would not know why some of their products are having success and why others are not. Also, they would not know how to attract customers. This institute is something that the casino industry should definitely always be thankful for.

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