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A Look at When Pigs Fly Slot

When Pigs Fly is a slot that NetEnt just released. Guess what? This game has no less than 3,125 paylines. Yes you read that right…3,125. It is a five reel video slot. The setting of the slot takes place in on a cross-shaped grid that is quirky. There is a chance that you might have thought that one time, pigs would be able to fly before coming across a slot with that many paylines, but now NetEnt has definitely delivered on making a slot that was only imaginable like pigs flying.

The game was released in 2016. It is a slot that has free spins, a wild symbol, an auto play mode, and re-spins. Auto play mode allows players to make the machine have a set number of preselected spins. Not only are the symbols for the machine nice, but so are the graphics, sound effects, and the theme.


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What Can This Game Be Played On?- The slot can be played on mobile devices, tablet, and desktop.

The Layout of the Slot- This slot is not the typical 5×3 affair. NetEnt separated from the norm and created a grid that is cross-shaped. Basically there is one row on reel one and then there is three on reels two and four. Also, the central reel has five and the fifth reel has one. There are adaptations made to the layout as the player plays. It is possible for a player to end up having a 5×5 reel grid. This means that there are no more than 3,125 ways to win which is fantastic!

Once a player triggers re-spins, the shape of the reels change. Players have the ability to hit no more than five re-spins. Each of them open up to two new symbols on the grid and this increases the amount of ways to win. Thankfully, there is a counter on the right side that will keep a record of how many more is available.

A player that is lucky enough to have a winning combination on the fifth and last re-spin, eight free spins will be granted along with a layout to work with that is complete.

There animations in this game really become amazing after receiving the eight free spins. Not only are the free spins added to the player’s account, but there is a pig astronaut lying shown in the control room. After the pig is shown, he then adjusts the dial and sets the free spins to 8 right before giving a thumbs up.


Where Does The Game Take Place- The game takes place on an air-base. On the air-base there is a rocket ship on the left side and a pig astronaut that gives up a thumbs up on the right of the screen.

The Controls in the Game- The controls that are in the front are the ones with the Spin and Auto Play buttons. Players are also able to set their coin value in that section. It can be set at whatever level the player wishes to play at. This game has 10 levels and they all require 50 points.

Setting Options- Settings for the game can be accessed by clicking on the scanner icon that is on the left corner. At some casinos, players have the option to click the quick spin option to make the game play swifter. Also, players are able to switch the sound effects on and off, switch the intro screen, and ambiance sound. Another amazing factor is that players are able to make adjustments to the graphical quality and can make the spacebar function and use it as a spin button if they wanted to. Last but certainly not least, players can take a look at their recent playing history. When it is disconnected, the Auto Play settings will go back to the default.


The Sound Effects in the Game- The music in the game is very mystical. Also, during the game, players can hear the sound of the rocket ships going into the ether.


When Pigs Fly is a very fun game to play. People in many different age groups can enjoy this game. Overall this game gets a B rating. It is not a huge standout (other than how the reels are set up) from other slot machines, but however, it still has all of the needed factors to make a person want to play the game over and over again. Obviously, if you love looking at pigs and enjoy looking at outer space then more than likely there is a good chance that you will enjoy this game a whole lot. All of the factors combined that are mentioned in this article is the reason why this slot machine game is getting a positive review. After you play it, you will have a good understanding as to why.

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