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Paylines and Wild Symbols Explained

At first sight, slot machines may seem like they are pretty easy to play when you are a beginner. However in many cases, this ends up not being the case unless the basics of slot machines are understood. Understanding the basics of slot machines can be a life saver. Having a good understanding will save you from putting money into a machine without getting any type of price.

What are Paylines?- Basically paylines allows players to play the wild card and it allows them to create winning combinations and increase winnings. In other words, it is a sequence of the positions of reels which is read left to right. When a player is enabled to wager on a specific payline, it means it is active. Before the reels spin, players have to adjust their desired number of paylines they want for their gaming session. The more paylines a player plays with, the higher their chances of winning are.


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Once the reels are done spinning, symbols appear on the reels. These symbols that appear are compared to the paytable every game offers. When a player hits a winning combination on a payline that is active, an award is given to them in which correlates with the payout ratio.


Slot machines in the past only featured one payline. When a player of those machines hit a winning combination, they would be qualified for a certain award. Now, the slot machines of today are different. A slot machine today can have up to 100 paylines. However, machines having 100 paylines is very rare. Most of the machines today have somewhere in between 20 to 25 paylines.


The traditional slot machines have paylines that are straight. However, there are a few that are vertical, horizontal, or go across the reels. The direction of the reels does not change the number of icons. In other words, if a slot has 5 reels, 5 symbols will land on an active payline.


Betting on Paylines- The number of coins a player likes to wager has an effect on how they can enable bets on a specific number of paylines. If a player decides to use multiple coins, there will be multiple paylines activated on a spin.


If a player decides to use a single coin, then the middle payline will be activated. In cases in which a player activates a larger number of paylines and have the maximum bet placed, the chances of receiving a winning combination increase. If a winning line is hit on an inactive payline, then the player will not get paid.


Payline Tips- Players should always look at the paytable and become familiar with the highest and lowest paying symbols. Another important factor for players is to look and see if the paylines go from left to right or vice versa. No matter what players should always know the configuration and symbols for the machine and the amount of paylines wagers can take place on.


What are Wild Symbols?- Wild and scatter symbols allow players to increase their winnings and make their experience more fun. The more these symbols appear on the reels, the better the payout will be.

Wild symbols help players form winning combinations by replacing a standard symbol on a reel. Most of the slot machines today require their players to line up no more than five reels in order to be eligible for their jackpot.

There are cases in which the wild symbols do not have any value unless they are included in a combination that is a winner.


The Different Wild Symbols- The different wild symbols are sticky wilds, expanding wilds, stacked wilds, shifting, and trailing.

A stacked wild appears when the entire reel is covered. If more than one of this type of wild appears, be prepared for a large payout.

Just like the name suggests, shifting wilds continue to move across the reels during their spins.

Expanding wilds also cover the reel when it gets triggered and they replace every standard symbol.

Sticky wilds do not move. They just stay in one position during a specific number of spins and they increase the chances of winning.

Trailing wilds form a clone basically. The original symbol remains in their position, but its clone moves a position down.

All of these wild symbols make random appearances on the reels. It is important for all players to remember that each game can have a different number of wilds. There is no way to predict when the symbols will make appearances and where they will do so.


Outside of creating winning combinations, players can use wilds as multipliers as well. This is another way players can receive a good amount of money in their bank account. Once all of the basics are understood, players are ready to play.

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